No Plastic Planet    If we don't do it, who will?

Ten years ago, we were saying
"It's estimated  that 17 billion plastic sacks are distributed  in France every year."  You can see how far  we've come
...from 17 billion to 500+ billion worldwide


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Mission Statement

Avenir Mediterranee – Save Our Seas Inc. is dedicated to the protection of our planets’ marine environment  through action, awareness and education.  In keeping with our mission statement, Avenir Mediterranee – Save Our Seas Inc. is engaged solely in (1) Protection of the marine environment  through actions involving international clean up and disposal of plastic marine pollution, and (2) Promoting  mass educational programs directed at our communities, schools and general public both in the US and France. (3) Initiating programs of clean up, education and implementation of “green” alternatives for the 365 islands of the Kuna Yala Indians of Kuna Yala, Panama.


Can you imagine a Planet Earth with pollution free waters; our rivers, lakes and seas where Earth's inhabitants are free from the catastrophic problems posed by the uncontrollable manufacture, use and disposal of environmentally damaging products!  The answer is YES. 

If we don’t do it, who will ?


75 % of our Planet is water.                                    

500 billion to one trillion plastic bags are distributed worldwide each year.  Most of those (70%) end up polluting our oceans and waterways. THAT is reality.

Ten years ago, we were saying "It's estimated that 17 billion plastic sacks are distributed in France every year."  You can see how far we've come...from 17 billion to 500+ billion worldwide.

   Rainwater run off and sewage containing high concentrations of human waste, agricultural pollution, solid refuse and inorganic garbage, non-biodegradable plastics, more than 10,000’s of tons per year; is disposed of in our oceans and seas.  Every environmental scientist and specialist agrees; about cleaning this debris from our coastlines and sea beds is VITAL to the equilibrium and survival of coastal ecosystems (where 80% of marine life live & breed).  But it’s insufficient.  The ONLY way to preserve our planet for generations to come, is to PRODUCE BETTER and create an educational curriculum that fits into our school system the same way English, Math, Science and Music do.

Adapt tomorrows’ technology to confront today’s ecological realities!

It’s time to stop talking about it and making excuses and start a concentrated think tank as to how we can halt this process. There MUST be a solution! How can WE, as conscience beings, accept to continue to live as we do, knowing we will be leaving a condition far worse to our children?

For the past 13 years, avenir mediterraneeSave Our Seas has initiated programs of awareness and projects designed to deal with the ongoing hazard of non biodegradable materials in our water ways.  Projects designed to physically keep water ways clean and create new jobs (Dustbin Men of the Sea), projects involving new ideas and incentives (RADE, Le Rafle Tout), projects involving volunteers, schools and local dive and police teams (actions in France, 2 World Records of extraction of underwater debris), and projects involving direct impact to the public (Plastique Pas Ma Planete Corse, Mersea, Ecolock). 

As it stands right now, avenir mediterraneeSave Our Seas is probably one of the ONLY grass roots, non profit organizations to have initiated and implemented a NO PLASTIC PLANET – Zero tolerance area in the world, the island of Corisca  in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1999 we petitioned the entire island to stop using supermarket plastic bags and go with recycled bags or reusable containers. With the support of every Mayor on the island, ALL 14 nationalist groups and thousands of signatures, Corsica passed its’ law banning the importation and use of all plastic bags from the island in 2003.  We did it! One island down, thousands to go. 


Let’s face it, waste and pollution ends up in our seas. At this point most people are aware that we have created an overwhelmingly obscene garbage dump that spans the Pacific Ocean from California to Thailand. And it’s only going to get bigger. Right now it is estimated to be 3.5 million tons.

We need your support to continue. Please donate generously if you believe we can make a change. Our children’s future depends on it.

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